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I designed for you over 250 responsive coming soon templates.

My product consists of 15 folders, each folder is one theme template. Each folder contains 18 design options of Under Construction page, that you will definitely like.

The template uses the latest web development technologies such as Canvas animation, WebGL, css3 animation, and even games that can be played directly in the browser :) At the same time, pages load quickly both on computers and on mobile phones.

Purchase $15

Simply select the demo page and see itPREVIEW

All templates are made in a modern, minimalist design that fits for any theme; just fill it with your content. Templates directly integrated with MailChimp (just insert your api key) and have a working E-Mail communication form. Each theme contains 18 kinds of pattern (fullscreen, long, fixed, video, slider, round countdown, number countdown).


Dark template with interactive polygonal shapes. Suitable for any themes.


Nature theme template in a dark style. It is suitable for tours, excursions, camping or hiking.


Amazing and beautiful template suited creative individuals. Ideal for designers, architects, musicians, writers, artists and others.


Building theme template fits the timer before delivery of the residential complex. Also suitable for architectural bureaus, construction companies and related fields.


Timer counts down the days to your event. Suitable for seminars, conferences, concerts and business meetings.


Universal template with built-in mini-game written in JavaScript, play Pacman while the timer goes :)


Template with canvas animation; in three different colors. Suitable for any themes.


One of the hottest templates in this set. You can draw on the screen by the isometric cubes that are made on webGL and tree.js library technology, 3D in browser.


Sport template is ideal for football clubs, announcements of games and betting offices.


Restaurant theme template; suitable for pizzerias, restaurants, cafes and bars, as well as for related fields.


Space template in the purple and orange colors. Suitable for any theme.


Template for wedding event, notify all relatives about your wedding.


Template with CSS3 animation.


Medical theme. Suitable for clinics, private doctors, pharmacies and other medical institutions.


Mobile Application waiting template. Suitable for initial presentation of mobile applications and the collection of E-Mail database.


MailChimp integrated

Local Integration of all the templates with MailChimp. You just need to enter your API KEY, and all email will automatically appear into your subscriber base.

Fully responsive design

The design looks great both on large screens and laptops, tablets and phones.

Canvas, svg animations

Some templates use canvas and svg animation.

Full documentation

Documentation will help you set any template to fit your needs. If you have any problems just ask into comments or send me an inquiry: mail@matveyan.ru

Font awesome icon

All icons are Font awesome font, because of this they are transformed without quality loss.

Google fonts

The templates are used more than 10 google fonts.

3D Javascript game

There is a template with built-in 3D game based on tree.js and with WebGL. It's awesome!

Youtube video background

You can set any background video from youtube. It's very simple.

Google pagespeed test night quality

The template is tested the download speed by Google Page Speed.

Mail sender worked

There is a form of email, simply enter your e-mail and all mail from the website will get to your mailbox.

CSS3 animation

Css3 animation used in some templates.

Twitter bootstrap 3

Template is been drawn up based on the most popular web development frameworks - twitter bootstrap 3

Valide html

Template is tested by w3c validator.

Thanks pages

All templates contain Thank you page that opens after successful submission of the form.

Slider background

You can configure any number of slides, fully customized slideshow options.

More variants (250+)

The template consists of 15 main options, which in turn contain 18 variations including: Video background, background as a slider, static image, template on the full screen, standard template with a vertical scroll, template with the right scrollable column. In total, there are over 500 HTML pages in my product.


Some templates use WebGL technology


UNLIMITED TIMER DESIGNFully customization timers design with online desig generator:)